08 January 2014

About Us

Hi, my name's Willow. I`m 12 years old, homeschooled, and I love dolls and gymnastics.
I have four sisters and two brother-in-laws. I have one puppy named Mango and two cats, Neo and Paisley. My little sister, Jem, and I created this blog to share some of our great ideas for dolls. Join us twice a week for crafts, tips, photo stories, and more. Hope you enjoy!

Hi, I'm Jem. I'm nine years old. I love playing piano and swimming. I have four older sisters and I love them all. One of my sisters is named Willow. We created this blog to share our ideas for dolls. I have a dog named Mango and two cats named Neo and Paisley. I had a lot of fun creating this blog. Stop by twice a week for loads of fun!


  1. Hi Willow! My name's Jessica and I'm twelve as well! I like your blog.

  2. I'm twelve, homeschooled, and one of five too! I have a cat and a hamster!