25 February 2014

photo shoot (part 2)

 Hi! Let's play hide and seek!
 She'll never find me!
 Look, Ruth is going to bed.
 She sleeps like a baby.
 Almost there!
Good night!

Photo shoot (part 1)

Hi, girls! It's Willow today with a photo shoot I did with my dolls (Minis and 18''). Enjoy :o)
 "Ahh, a warm fire!"
 "Oh, Hi Nutmeg! How's it going?"
 "Do you like the dress I made?"
 Mango and Ruth posing for a picture! Isn't Mango cute?!?
 It's beautiful, But I hate it. I read blogs where it's already spring. I'm like ,"What's spring?" 3 feet of snow!
 "I'm hungry."
 What to eat.
 Yum, muffins!
Oh, no!
Hope you liked:o)

24 February 2014

Willow's Pick

Hello girls! Willow here ith this weeks Willow's pick. Let me tell you, she's ADORABLE! Her name is...
                                           Ruthie :o)
Ruthie is Kit's best friend. She helps Kit through tough times. She was always a shouler to lean on for her. American Girl doesn't tell much about her. Sorry about that. You can buy her HERE. Enjoy :o)

22 February 2014

Ice skates

Hi, girls! Did you like this week's Saturday story? Anyways, I'm going to show you a few vids by My froggy stuff that shows  how to make ice skates and a rainbow loom for your doll! Enjoy :o)

The rainbow loom.
The ice skates.                      


 Hello! It's Jem and Willow. Ruth and Sam went to the Olympics this week and it's your choice who wins! Leave a comment saying how high Ruth and Sam's scores are. The winner will be announced in two weeks from today.  Have fun :o)

 The judges were ready at their table. Ruth could not believe she was at the Olympics! She heard her name called, so she skated to the middle of the rink .
 Then her music started. she skated backwards with a few spins. Then it was time for the part she had been dreading, the jump.
 She did a quick Ariel and jumped into a triple spin. "Yes!" she said. She did it perfectly!
 She skated around the rink once more until she got to the middle she held her leg in front of her so it was a perfect split. "And, finish!" said Ruth. 
How did she do? 1-10.
 Sam heard her name called and headed toward the rink. When she got to her starting position the music started and she skated around the rink a few times, doing a few jumps and skips here and there. She did a double-double jump and a squat spin.

             Finally, the music slowed and Sam came to her last position. "beautiful!" she said.
Your the judge. first give me Ruth's score (1-10), then give me Samantha's score (1-10).PLEASE comment! Thanks for reading! :o)

21 February 2014

Doll craft: olimpic inspired Ice skating rink

Hi, girls! Willow here with a fun craft.(Extreme crafters only. Proceed with caution!) We're going to make an ice skating rink for your dolls! You can make it for the olimpics or your back yard. To start you'll need to gather supplies, here's a list:
  • white paper
  • scapbook/constrution paper
  • large cardboard crate
  • glue
  • markers
  • scissors
  • ruler

 First, cut a piece of paper to fit inside your box. Glue. If you want use your ruler to draw lines on the paper diagonally.

                         Next cover the inside and outside in construction paper and draw the olimpic rings.
Then your done:o) (comment if you have a craft request!)

18 February 2014


Did you hear what American girl said about samantha parkington? They said she's coming back! The're resserecting her from retirement! Now I can finish her collection! Happy, Happy, Happy!
:o)                                                                Willow

17 February 2014

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Hi, girls if you want, follow us on bloglovin HERE. Thanks!

Willow's pick

Hey, girls! It's time to boogy along with this weeks Willow's pick,
She's a girl that has to move away from her friend Ivy and start all over again at her new school. If you know what it feels like to leave somone behind, you can feel her pain. I know I can! She learns how to take control of the situation herself and make somthing somthing good out of bad. Have you ever taken somthing bad ,and turned it into somthing good?

15 February 2014


Hi, girls. Willow here. There will not be a Saturday story today due to me being way to busy. I promise we will have one next week. Sorry!

13 February 2014

Be my Valentine

Hey, girls. Here's a few last minute valentine crafts. Click HERE to make a heart box. Click HERE to make Isabelle inspired valentines for your doll.

New american girl releases

Check out these brand new american girl items:
I just LOVE julie's dance set! It's sooo cute!!!
Do you have a favorite? Please leave a comment.
If you want to buy these things click HERE

11 February 2014

Doll craft: doll hearing aid

Hi girls, It's Willow again. One of my favorite blogs shows how to make doll hearing aids and I wanted to share it with you. If you want to see how to make these hearing aids click HERE.
Did I tell you that I have a pinterest board for our blog? If you want to see that go HERE. Thanks for reading:o)

Doll craft: Valentines day cookies

Hi everybody, it's Willow. I was bored so I'm posting a quick and easy craft. I'm going to show you how to make doll cookies! Here's a list of supplies-
  • Craft foam (I got mine from hobby lobby)
  • Scissors
  • Small cookie cutters (Walmart Toy)

 Start by pressing the cookie cutters into your craft foam until it makes the shape you want.
Next cut out the shape.

Then your doll can enjoy this easy dessert.

10 February 2014

Willow's pick

Hello! Willow here with Wilow's pick. Sorry I havn't been posting lately, I've been busy with homeschooling and my Mom's birthday on Saturday. I'll try to be more on track. Anyways, I've finally decided which doll will be Willow's pick. Ready? Her name is...
Rebecca is a Jew and her family doesn't belive in acting even though it's her favorite thing to do. She dreams of becoming an actress, and pretends to be in a theatre performing for hundreds of people. Even though she knows it's impossible she keeps on trying. Have you ever wanted to do the impossible and succedeed?
Thanks for reading:o)
You can buy her HERE.

03 February 2014

This is cool

I was scrolling through pics online and I ran into this-
Cool right?

Willow's Pick

Hey guys, Willow here. As you all know I'm here with Willow's pick. Sorry, I'm so late. I had a ton of homework to do. Anyways, It's finaly time to tell you which doll is Willow's pick. This weeks Willow's pick is...
Addy is a slave who has to leave her father and sister behind for her freedom. Soon she escapes to Philadalphia with her mother, but she longs for Papa and her baby sister. When the war is over and they won her Papa still isn't home. Do you think he'll be home soon? Would you sacrafice your family for freedom and be brave enough to take chances for freedom. Hope you enjoyed :o)

01 February 2014

Sam`s fall

As Ruth wheeled Sam over to her room she got more and more curious about why Sam was here in the first place.
Finally when they were in private Ruth started asking what on Earth happened! "Why are you in here anyways", she asked "Well I was sledduing with Hally and I didn`t see the tree, then BAM. Here I am", Said Sam. "That makes more sense", said Ruth
Ruth quickly went to the front desk to pick up some test results, but she wished she never had. "Sam, I have some bad news." said Ruth "We`ve discovered your leg isn`t healing right and you`ll need to undergo surgery imeadeatly. "O.K."Said Sam "As long as I heal properly afterwards"!
The next morning they started the surgery. After 3 hours of needles and pain, it was all worth it in the end.
"Sam Sam"! Exclaimed Ruth. "The results came back .The surgery worked!" Ruth gave Sam big hug."You can leave next week!" Soon they got Sam used to wearing cruches and she was out of there. "Sam, I got you a little something." said Ruth. Sam opend it , and to her suprise it was the dress that won the contest last week!
 Thank you the ONE person that entered.(You guys are pathetic) :o(

Look! No cast!