27 January 2014

Willow`s pick

Hey girls, I`m here today with Willow`s pick. I`m just gonna skip the intro and get to the point. This weeks Willow`s pick is ...
                                        ... Molly!!!
She`s a girl who`s Dad goes off to the war to fight but she`s determind he`ll come home. When her family loses all their money she tries her best to make more. Have you ever been through tough times but knew that things would get better?
Sadly though she retired in 2013 ,but you can still buy her on Ebay along with her friend Emily. Thanks for reading!

26 January 2014

Doll Fashionista

Hello, It`s Willow today. I was bored so I decided to do a fashion show! Here`s how it works. I show you a few different outfits then when you`re done looking, you comment below which one you liked the most.The outfit that wins will be featured in the next post!(not willow`s pick) Let`s get started!
               First we have Ruth Winters wearing a beautiful green dress with cowgirl boots.
           Up next we have Samantha Parkington wearing a designer ballgown.I just love her walk!
                            Finally we have Lily anna wearing some comfy sleep attire.

                                Leave a comment saying which one you like most!


24 January 2014

Doll craft : Cotton Candy

Hi, Girls. Jem here! I`m going to tell you how to make cotton candy for your doll! First you`ll need to gather suplies. Here`s a list:
  • Cotton balls
  • Markers
  • Sandwich bag &/or Paper
  • Hot glue gun with sticks
To start, you`ll need to tear the cotton balls together. That will make them stick together. Then you will want to add color by drawing on them with markers. Now there`s two ways you can make cotton candy, on a stick, or in a bag. Here`s how.
In the bag:
To make cotton candy in a bag you will need a sandwich bag and of course, your cotton candy. Place your cotton candy in the bag and tie a knot. Then your done!

On a stick:
To make cotton candy on a stick you will need to put glue in the cracks so it sticks to itself.

Then you will need to make the stick. Take a small piece of paper and roll it from the corner. Glue at the end.

attach the cotton to the stick by glueing it to the top. Then your doll`s ready for the fair. Have FUN :o)


20 January 2014

Willow`s pick

Hey, Willow here. I`m here with willow`s pick. I`ll give you a hint, She has blonde hair and is a reporter.It`s no other than...
                                                      ...Kit kittredge
She lived during the great depression. Her Dad lost his job, so they turned their house into a boarding house. Because the lack of room Kit was forced to move into the attic. Even though She didn`t enjoy it at first, she learned that she shoud do this for her family. What would you do for your family. comment below,

18 January 2014

Saturday stories: plie problems

 Ruth:Wait!Oh, sorry I`m late Ms. Anna. I had basketball AGAIN! Ms. Anna:It`s fine, go stretch on a mat.
 Sam: This is your second week of being late. You have to show up on time or they`ll kick you out!Ruth: I know it's just, basket ball keeps taking over ballet. I`ll try to be on time.
Ms. A.: Don't forget the meeting tomorrow, girls.
Ruth: Sorry I can`t come. I have hockey.
Ms.A.: Ruth, can I talk to you in private?
Ms. A: Ruth you need to decide whethor or not ballet is something you can fit in. It's your choice--ballet or sports.
Ruth: I don`t know what to do!
Sam: I'm sure well think of somthing. Right?
At practice...
Ruth: Hey, guys.
Team: You look sad. What's the matter?
Ruth: Well, my ballet teacher says I can't do ballet and basketball because basketball cuts into ballet.
Team: Easy, choose basketball!
Ruth: But I love ballet as much as basketball!
Team: If you're not going to be on our team, then we don't have to be friends.
Ruth: If you treat my like that, then maybe we aren't friends anyways. I quit!
At ballet... Ruth: I just quit baskeball!
Class: Yay!!!!!!!
Ruth: I've decided that my real friends are here not basketball.
Hope you enjoyed! Please leave a comment. thanks!

Saturday stories: Intro

Hi, It`s willow and Jem. Were here today to share the first annual Saturday storie. We`ll post every other Saturday a storie about what our dolls have been up to. Thanks for reading,
                                 Willow and Jem

13 January 2014

Willow`s Pick

Drumroll please! The doll that gets to be the first Willow`s pick ever is...
She's a ballerina/fashion designer who lives in Washington D.C. Her best friends are Luisa a modern dancer, and Gabrielle, a magician. Isabelle uses her talents to help others. You can too. What is your special talent? Comment below.


Willow`s pick (intro)

Hey, its Willow. I`m here today to tell you about Willow`s pick. Willow`s pick is when I (Willow) choose a doll to be featured this week. I`ll post every Monday and tell you about the dolls biography. Have fun :o)


10 January 2014

Sock wardrobe

Hi! It`s Willow. I`m here today with a super simple craft. You can make clothes for your doll out of mis-mached socks! You can make things like,leotards,skirts, and shirts. Its SUPER easy. All you need is...
1.a colored sock
3.a fabric marker
First, turn your sock inside-out.Then mark and measure where you want to cut arm holes &/or leg holes. Cut where marked. And try it on for size. Then your done!
Please leave a comment. Thanks,


Little Extra:
Doll:Ruth Winters


08 January 2014

About Us

Hi, my name's Willow. I`m 12 years old, homeschooled, and I love dolls and gymnastics.
I have four sisters and two brother-in-laws. I have one puppy named Mango and two cats, Neo and Paisley. My little sister, Jem, and I created this blog to share some of our great ideas for dolls. Join us twice a week for crafts, tips, photo stories, and more. Hope you enjoy!

Hi, I'm Jem. I'm nine years old. I love playing piano and swimming. I have four older sisters and I love them all. One of my sisters is named Willow. We created this blog to share our ideas for dolls. I have a dog named Mango and two cats named Neo and Paisley. I had a lot of fun creating this blog. Stop by twice a week for loads of fun!