15 April 2014

Easter craft: Doll Easter eggs

We actually made these a month ago hoping to post them around Easter, so here I am! In my last post I said there will be no post on Sunday. But, I will pre-post today and put it up Sunday. Any way, Here's a craft for Easter eggs you can make for your doll(s)!(Please don't judge. I'm no my froggy;o)

All you do is take clay and make is into a egg shape.(Air drying clay) Then you paint it, and doodle all over it.

We tried to make the bottoms round, but some didn't turn out!
Thanks for reading
Willow and Jem
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  1. Beautiful! Do you mind if I do this for doll egg hunt? With credit, of course :)

    1. Not at all! You think I would mine if the BEST BLOG EVER used my craft!?! (By BEST BLOG EVER I mean your blog:O) Love the Easter dress post you put up the other day! (Or today. I'm lost;) SOOOOOOOO CUTE!

    2. Oh, yea I (Willow) Said that. Not my mom

    3. Thank you! I get confused what days I post things myself; a lot of my posts are finished around midnight ;) I think might have to make a few more photostories, everyone seems to have really enjoyed the other one ;)

    4. The reason every one likes them is becauase you are SOOOOO good with them! I just saw the one you put up. I loved it! The hairstyles are great! How did you do the heart one?