27 April 2014

Magneobio award!

You know Juliet's award she created right? Well it came to us! Thank you lord girls for nominating us! Now onto the questions
  1. What is your favorite drink in the whole wide world? -Homemade lemonade.
  2. What's your favorite subject? -Field trips. (I'm home schooled, so...)
  3. Fruity Pebbles or Cocoa Pebbles? -Cocoa.
  4. If you got $100 what would you spend it on? -Saving for  missions trip.
  5. What do you like to do when you are bored? -Gymnastics.
  6. T.V. or Internet? -Internet.
  7. What is your favorite color? -PINK!!
  8. Fruit or Veggies? -Fruit.
  9. Brownies or cupcakes? -Cupcakes
  10. What is your favorite movie? -Nacho Lib re
The blogs I'm nominating are...
  • Doll mag
  • One doll out there
  • The doll wardrobe
  • Fun with Ag fan
  • Karen mom of three
Here are you questions:
1.Where do you want to live in the future?
2.How often do you take pics of your dolls?
3.What type of music do you listen to?
4.Chips with salsa, or Cheso?
5.Roses or Daises?
6.Monsters U, or Frozen?
7.Snowball fight,or Water fight?
8.Summer camp or sleepover?
9.You can probably find me at...
10.Music, or sports?

So here's what you do:
First, you answer these questions that I just asked you on your blog. Next you pick 5 other blogs to nominate. Ask questions. It could be AG related, it could just be random questions. Then save this pic on your blog:

Etsy is awesome!!!!!

Here are a few doll etsy shops that I love!
Doll food:
Petites bowtique I love this shop beacuse of its realistic food.
Faux real food is a wonderful place, with a HUGE colection of doll treats, drinks, ect.
Mias confections is a newer shop with its grande opening in January. Very adorable treats.
Stacie Morgan studios is a very cute little shop. LOVE the mickey mouse popsicles!
Jessie Raye's Miniatures is a nice place for the dolls to stop and get a cake for your birthday!

Madi grace designs is a cute plce to buy your doll a bed, closet, and more! This shop is awesome!
Payne street doll boutique is AWESOME!!!!!!!
Just dollin around is a smaller shop for bedding an beds.


26 April 2014

Iron on transfer print out

Sorry for the confusion earlier. I was rushing to get it done. This is a backwards picture for you to print out onto transfer paper and iron it on to a T-shirt. Sorry again!

25 April 2014

Garage sale finds

Guess what!?! I was garage saling when...
 An adorable teacup!
 It has a gold handle, and rim.
 The saucer it dotted so the teacup doesn't slide. It also has a gold rim.
 Aren't the flowers pretty?
 The next thing I got was a green dress for my minis.
 It has pretty flowers, and lace trim.
 It also came with a bonnet.
I love THE sash! The flowers are beautiful!
Have you ever found something for your doll at a garage sale?


Ruth practically ;pushed Sam out of her bed this morning. "Wake up!!!! The Easter bunny came!" said Ruth. I'm up, I'm up!" said Sam. They got into their Easter dresses and started to search for their baskets. Sam was imagining all that candy. "Mmmmm", she said. Meanwhile Ruth had already found her basket.
 There it is!
  "Lots of candy!"
 "Let me just..."
 "What's that?"
 "No way! The Easter bunny got me a wagon!!!!!!"
 "Awesome. I can't wait to show Sam!"
 "There it is!"
 "Let's see here."

 "No way. a clapboard!!!!"
Then they were off to church.

The sermon was great, but they couldn't help but talk about what they got.

Isabelle happy meals?

Mc Donalds is selling happy meals with GOTY 2014 Isabelle related items! If you click HERE it will take you to the Happy Meal page where I saw her stuff. I don't know a lot, but I do know they are selling mini dolls (Wierd plastic ones.) and paper dolls. I'm not sure when they will be doing this but tell me if you know.

17 April 2014

What to wear, what to wear.

With Easter coming soon were preping with food, hair, decor', And, of course, clothes! So let's get started!
                                                                   "So many clothes!"
                                                          "I think I'll try some on."
                                                     How about this one for Easter?
                                                               "Or mabey this one?"
                                                                 "How about this?"

My turn!

 How about this one!
This one is good too!                                                                               
 (Whoops! Look at my knee!)

I like this one!
Sam's choice:
Ruth's choice:
See us Easter for an awesome photostory!
Ruth and Sam

15 April 2014

Easter craft: Doll Easter basket

This craft might be tricky. So, before you get frustrated, ask a parent to help. To make the basket you will need: -Scissors -Paper -Packing tape
 1: Cut paper into long strips.
 2: Weave them together.
 3: Fold up to look like a basket.
4: Tape over in side of basket.
 5: Tape ribbon on sides
6: Tape bow on front.
7: Done!!!!!!!!!!
Now you have a super cute basket for your doll easter egg hunt! Enjoy!
 (If you dont know how to weave go to youtube. You can find it out there.)

Easter craft: Doll Easter eggs

We actually made these a month ago hoping to post them around Easter, so here I am! In my last post I said there will be no post on Sunday. But, I will pre-post today and put it up Sunday. Any way, Here's a craft for Easter eggs you can make for your doll(s)!(Please don't judge. I'm no my froggy;o)

All you do is take clay and make is into a egg shape.(Air drying clay) Then you paint it, and doodle all over it.

We tried to make the bottoms round, but some didn't turn out!
Thanks for reading
Willow and Jem
Shout out to Amaya from Fun with AG fan! She's our new follower!


Somtimes I lose track, and skip Willow's pick. So, Willow's pick will only be on mondays that work. Sorry. Willow

Just stopping by...

Just stopping by to say Hi. I know Easter is coming but we have stuff we will post later. (No posts on sunday)

12 April 2014

A day with friends!

Today I had some friends over! Meet Kirsten, and Kaya!
First we played hop-scotch.

Then we relaxed in my hammick.

Isn't Kirsten's dress pretty?

Kaya climbed to the top of  the oak tree!

I tried.
I LOVE her shells in her hair!

Then we played hide and seek! I seeked.

Willow said we could help out with the garden!

We drove to the park for a picnic right after hide and seek.


Here's my lunch.

Willow said we still had time to play dolls after Kaya left.

"I love your hair!"

We had a fun day!