31 March 2014


Guess what!?! With all the Arts stuff going on I thought it would be cool to show you a doll that does dance. I got mini Isabelle today. I have a review to show you! Here she is!
I took her hair out as soon as I got her. I think one of her eyes is crooked. Do you?
Her face is beautiful.

Her hair is different from the 18 inch verison. The 18 inch has the ENDS colored. Not the underneath part.

Her underware is to thick. It looks lumpy when you put it on. Disapointed.

LOVE her shoes!!! Sparkly and something I would toatally ware!

I don't think American Girl should have done the wierd backs on the mini. Too thick of material.

Her pants are cute. They are sparkly, also.

I like her shirt, but, not for minis. They shoudn't use the same material for minis as 18 inch. It looks lumpy.

One thing I do like about the shirt is the little ballerina. ADORIBLE!

The book is cute too.

Her skin is way lighter than lissies. She is like a ghost!

Here she is in her box. It is pink instead of red.
After all this fuss, I'd say she is a good purchase. I love her to death;o)

Willow ;o)


This week their will be no Willow's pick beacuse Arts week.

      Todays theme for Art's week is Dance! Because I'm sick there won't be a lot of posts today. Sorry :o( But, there will be a few. This is a craft for your dancing dolls. It's SUPER easy.

All you do is cut the tops off of baby socks! That's it! They are perfect. I'm sorry I don't have pics. No time!
                         Willow and Jem

30 March 2014


This week has a theme! The Arts. Starting tomorrow we will be posting crafts, photostories, ect. Each day has a theme, like ballet, karate, Paints, and so on.Thanks!

29 March 2014

Fun day!!!!!

Hi, girls! Wilow here with my friend Emma. She'll be here all day! FUN! Here's what were doing-
  • Riding bikes
  • Cooking
  • Listening to music
  • Doing gymnastics
  • Playing dolls
  • Photography
  • Picnic
  • Play outside
  • Posting on blog(Doing that now)
Do you do these things with your friends?


Hi! Willow and Jem both here! We have some news on our FIRST award were giving out. So far chestnutstreet is in first place! My froggy in second along with american girl fan. Hurry up with voting. We will give the award to one lucky blog in two days! ;p
Willow and Jem

27 March 2014

Turtley Photo shoot.

Hi! Jem here. I'm posting an adorable photoshoot of my stuffed animal! I know we don't usually do stuffed animals, but here we go!

 Here is Greenapple, My most loved stuffed animal
 Isn't she cute?!?
 My big sister Willow took these pics of her.
Greenapple thinks the view is beautiful!
                                                                              That's all for today. I'll post again soon!


Here are a few things my dad made me in his shop! I can post how to make them if you comment saying you want to know how. Enjoy! :o)
 An amazing gmnastics Beam and Uneavev bars set! (Sam felt good enough to come and help!)
 A cool scooter.( Wheels really turn.)
 Our version of mckenna's loft bed.
 Saige's Easel. (I might sell this someday!)
 And, finally, Isabelle's Ballet barre! (Also might sell.)
Altogether some pretty awesome stuff! Has your dad ever made you any thing for your dolls?

25 March 2014


Do you like our new header? I designed it myself! Not to brag. I combine all my best doll pics and, voilla! Awesomeness:o) I was thinking of trying a different font for my posts. How about this? Or this? Or mabey this? How about this? 1 2 3 or 4? You vote!


Are any of you in Girl Scouts? I am. Do you enjoy it? What is your favorite trip you have gone in with your troop? I have a meeting tonight. How often do you meet up?

Willow's pick

Two Sisters: Sam's Pick

23 March 2014

Sam's Pick

Hi! Sam here. This is my first time posting on my blog.Sadly, this weeks SP is rumored to NOT be coming back with me this fall. So much for Be Forever:o( Her name is ~
She is MY best friend. Nellie was a worker in a factory, until my aunt and uncle adopted her. Making her my sister thing.(I think.) In honor of her I, Sam, will post TONS of pics of her:o)
LOVE her dress!                                                                 Ready for school.
Pretty freckles;o)


Guess what!? Sam's back! She looks SOOO much healthier! Here are some pics of her. She needs A LOT of rest after that major surgery.

 I missed her SOOOOOOOOOOOO much!


15 March 2014

Sending Sam South A Photostory

As you all know I sent Samantha Parkington to the doll hospital two days ago. So, here's a photostory in honor of that.

 Felicity is playing Sam. Ruth is playing Willow.
 La de da de da.
 Off to the post office!
 I'm gonna miss you.
 Goodbye Sam!
 Get well soon.

Sending Sam South

Hi! There is some pretty big news that we (Willow and Jem) want to share with you. We will also do a photostory today on it. Can you guess what the news is from these pictures?

That's right! Two days ago we sent Sam to the Doll Hospital! She should return in two weeks. How long did it take your doll to come back? Please comment!
 For now Ruth will be alone. All alone. By herself. :o( Happy healing to Sam. She's getting a new head!