01 February 2014

Sam`s fall

As Ruth wheeled Sam over to her room she got more and more curious about why Sam was here in the first place.
Finally when they were in private Ruth started asking what on Earth happened! "Why are you in here anyways", she asked "Well I was sledduing with Hally and I didn`t see the tree, then BAM. Here I am", Said Sam. "That makes more sense", said Ruth
Ruth quickly went to the front desk to pick up some test results, but she wished she never had. "Sam, I have some bad news." said Ruth "We`ve discovered your leg isn`t healing right and you`ll need to undergo surgery imeadeatly. "O.K."Said Sam "As long as I heal properly afterwards"!
The next morning they started the surgery. After 3 hours of needles and pain, it was all worth it in the end.
"Sam Sam"! Exclaimed Ruth. "The results came back .The surgery worked!" Ruth gave Sam big hug."You can leave next week!" Soon they got Sam used to wearing cruches and she was out of there. "Sam, I got you a little something." said Ruth. Sam opend it , and to her suprise it was the dress that won the contest last week!
 Thank you the ONE person that entered.(You guys are pathetic) :o(

Look! No cast!

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