18 January 2014

Saturday stories: plie problems

 Ruth:Wait!Oh, sorry I`m late Ms. Anna. I had basketball AGAIN! Ms. Anna:It`s fine, go stretch on a mat.
 Sam: This is your second week of being late. You have to show up on time or they`ll kick you out!Ruth: I know it's just, basket ball keeps taking over ballet. I`ll try to be on time.
Ms. A.: Don't forget the meeting tomorrow, girls.
Ruth: Sorry I can`t come. I have hockey.
Ms.A.: Ruth, can I talk to you in private?
Ms. A: Ruth you need to decide whethor or not ballet is something you can fit in. It's your choice--ballet or sports.
Ruth: I don`t know what to do!
Sam: I'm sure well think of somthing. Right?
At practice...
Ruth: Hey, guys.
Team: You look sad. What's the matter?
Ruth: Well, my ballet teacher says I can't do ballet and basketball because basketball cuts into ballet.
Team: Easy, choose basketball!
Ruth: But I love ballet as much as basketball!
Team: If you're not going to be on our team, then we don't have to be friends.
Ruth: If you treat my like that, then maybe we aren't friends anyways. I quit!
At ballet... Ruth: I just quit baskeball!
Class: Yay!!!!!!!
Ruth: I've decided that my real friends are here not basketball.
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  1. Nice photo story! :) I enjoyed reading it!

    -Meghan at Girlydolltype.blogspot.com

  2. Awesome! I am not saying that it was bad or anything, but if you need tips for writing, I'd be happy to give you some!

    1. Sure! I wrote that on my own. My moms an author,but that doesnt mean I`m good at writing:o)