24 January 2014

Doll craft : Cotton Candy

Hi, Girls. Jem here! I`m going to tell you how to make cotton candy for your doll! First you`ll need to gather suplies. Here`s a list:
  • Cotton balls
  • Markers
  • Sandwich bag &/or Paper
  • Hot glue gun with sticks
To start, you`ll need to tear the cotton balls together. That will make them stick together. Then you will want to add color by drawing on them with markers. Now there`s two ways you can make cotton candy, on a stick, or in a bag. Here`s how.
In the bag:
To make cotton candy in a bag you will need a sandwich bag and of course, your cotton candy. Place your cotton candy in the bag and tie a knot. Then your done!

On a stick:
To make cotton candy on a stick you will need to put glue in the cracks so it sticks to itself.

Then you will need to make the stick. Take a small piece of paper and roll it from the corner. Glue at the end.

attach the cotton to the stick by glueing it to the top. Then your doll`s ready for the fair. Have FUN :o)


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