22 February 2014


 Hello! It's Jem and Willow. Ruth and Sam went to the Olympics this week and it's your choice who wins! Leave a comment saying how high Ruth and Sam's scores are. The winner will be announced in two weeks from today.  Have fun :o)

 The judges were ready at their table. Ruth could not believe she was at the Olympics! She heard her name called, so she skated to the middle of the rink .
 Then her music started. she skated backwards with a few spins. Then it was time for the part she had been dreading, the jump.
 She did a quick Ariel and jumped into a triple spin. "Yes!" she said. She did it perfectly!
 She skated around the rink once more until she got to the middle she held her leg in front of her so it was a perfect split. "And, finish!" said Ruth. 
How did she do? 1-10.
 Sam heard her name called and headed toward the rink. When she got to her starting position the music started and she skated around the rink a few times, doing a few jumps and skips here and there. She did a double-double jump and a squat spin.

             Finally, the music slowed and Sam came to her last position. "beautiful!" she said.
Your the judge. first give me Ruth's score (1-10), then give me Samantha's score (1-10).PLEASE comment! Thanks for reading! :o)