31 March 2014


Guess what!?! With all the Arts stuff going on I thought it would be cool to show you a doll that does dance. I got mini Isabelle today. I have a review to show you! Here she is!
I took her hair out as soon as I got her. I think one of her eyes is crooked. Do you?
Her face is beautiful.

Her hair is different from the 18 inch verison. The 18 inch has the ENDS colored. Not the underneath part.

Her underware is to thick. It looks lumpy when you put it on. Disapointed.

LOVE her shoes!!! Sparkly and something I would toatally ware!

I don't think American Girl should have done the wierd backs on the mini. Too thick of material.

Her pants are cute. They are sparkly, also.

I like her shirt, but, not for minis. They shoudn't use the same material for minis as 18 inch. It looks lumpy.

One thing I do like about the shirt is the little ballerina. ADORIBLE!

The book is cute too.

Her skin is way lighter than lissies. She is like a ghost!

Here she is in her box. It is pink instead of red.
After all this fuss, I'd say she is a good purchase. I love her to death;o)

Willow ;o)

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