11 March 2014

Liebster Award

Hi, girls! We're here today because we were nominated for an award! Juliet, from chestnutstreetdolls nominated us. (Thanks Juliet!) If you didn't know chestnutstreetdolls is my FAVORITE blog! (so you should prabably check it out;o)
 So, aparently I have to answer questions, and nominate blogs.
My answers-
1.What is the name of your blog? Why?- Two sisters. We didn't want it to sound too dolly.
2.Why do you think you got this blog award?- I don't honestly know. We aren't like Doll diaries!
3.Do you have the slightest idea what Leibster is?- No, I don't.
4.Would you make any custom dolls?- I would if I could!
5.Whould you ever dye your hair?- Yes! I already have.
6.Night owl or morning person?- Night owl, definitly night owl.
7.Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it and why?- Willis. I don't know why.
8.Was it hard to pick 11 people to nomonate?- Kind of. It's easy when you follow them;o)
9.Least favorite book character, and why,- Heidi. She's annoying.
10.Was it hard to answer number 9? No.
11.What job do you think you'll have in the future?- Gymnastics coach.
My nominees-
1.My froggy stuff
2.Doll mag
3.From Echo With Love
4.Karen mom of three
5.The saltys
6.The dolls of st.Nokia street
7.Dolly dorm diaries
8.Saiges locket
9.Fun with AG fan
10.American girl fan
11.The spicys

If you got nominated here's what you need to do-
Take the picture of the award to your blog.
Nominate 11 blogs
Give them 11 questions
On your blog, post your answers to the questions below.

The questions-

1.At what age did you start blogging?
2.What is your favorite blog?
3.What is your favorite sport?
4.How many dolls do you have?(not just 18 inch)
5.What is your favorite type of pizza?
6.Is it spring where you are, or stll winter?(winter means ANY snow)
7.Are you short or tall?
8.Where do you want to live?
9.When I say the word "Liebster" what is your first thought?
10.What is your favorite movie?
11.Where do you go when you're feeling down?

If I didn't nominate you it is NOT personal.
Any craft requests? Any questions? Comment!
Please no potty mouth. Including OMG.

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